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i can haz buttsecks plz: alternative writing group
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A group to share and help improve our writing
Started as a community for friends and associates of Hampshire College's most notorious (by my reckoning :) ) group of freaks, dolls, and badasses, this shall be a wonderful way to both keep in touch and improve our writing skillz. (You don't have to be from Hamp to join this group, you just have to be friends with one of us, because we love everybody =^.^=)

So I figured we could have a theme or genre for every week and that could be the aim for that particular time, to submit a piece of writing (of any kind: prose, essay, poetry, etc) that follows the theme. Of course, that's just to help guide people if they don't already have an idea. Any writing anyone wants to submit is wonderful any time.

Then constructive criticism (sp?) and/or praise can be given. I'm too tired to make a good description now. Someone else can feel free to fix this.

We have a facebook group too, for those who don't feel they're too good for such things (*coughalexcough*)