Miss Kitty Fantastico (aka Syphilis aka Kitten) (balletvamp) wrote in icanhazbuttseks,
Miss Kitty Fantastico (aka Syphilis aka Kitten)

First Official Theme!

Okay guys, for serious now. Don't be lame. I'm even giving you the special Eliza Dushku icon to spur on your creative juices. (What?? It works for me!) Anyhow, for this first one you can post something you've already written (like my last post that no one responded to said) or here's a couple of themes to choose from:

1)fait des beaux reves; sweet dreams


2)Self Sacrifice for an Ideal - (Hero, Ideal, Person or Thing Sacrificed)

And of course, you can just write whatever you want and post it. If anyone has any theme ideas, post those too. I KNOW you guys have stuff already written, so there's no excuse not to post anything if you don't feel like writing this week. I'd definitely like to read stuff from the past.

*hugs and kittens*
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