Miss Kitty Fantastico (aka Syphilis aka Kitten) (balletvamp) wrote in icanhazbuttseks,
Miss Kitty Fantastico (aka Syphilis aka Kitten)

Week Two!

Ooer, I have no idea where I put the file I was going to post. Never fear, I shall find it. In the meanwhile, here's another theme idea thinger. I'm so glad you guys are doing this! *pats y'all on the back*

Since it's October and thus the best month of the year what with Halloween and the awesome weather and generally spooky feel to everything, let's get into the spirit shall we?

-The Supernatural: put something in your writing that deals with the otherworldly, from ghosts to witches to demons to anything that goes bump in the night

-A deathfic or maybe a series of death shorts (one deviantartist last year drew a different way to die for each day of october: http://kacfrog711.deviantart.com/ )

So yeah, keep on writing guys. And totally post older stuff too! I know you guys have some! Do it!
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